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The world’s gliding mammals are an extraordinary group of animals that have the ability to glide from tree to tree with seemingly effortless grace. There are more than 60 species of gliding mammals including the flying squirrels from Europe and North America, the scaly-tailed flying squirrels from central Africa and the gliding possums of Australia and New Guinea.


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Zoology for the teacher
Zoology for the teacher

Zoology is the science of animals, a part of biology that studies the diversity of the animal world, the structure and activity of animals, distribution, connection with the environment, patterns of individual and historical development.

An Outline of Entomology
An Outline of Entomology

Entomology is the study of insects. Entomologists, the people who study insects, observe, collect, rear, and experiment with insects. Research undertaken by entomologists covers the total range of biological disciplines, including evolution, ecology, behavior, anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, and genetics.

Handbook of Biological Dyes and Stains
Handbook of Biological Dyes and Stains

Color has been a fascination for individuals for a long time. The book is intended as a reference guide for dyes used in biology, chemistry, histology, cytology, medicine, microscopy, and all color- and medical-related allied fields.

Random species

Sugar Glider / Petaurus breviceps

Sugar Glider
Petaurus breviceps

Grey-cheeked Flying Squirrel / Hylopetes platyurus

Grey-cheeked Flying Squirrel
Hylopetes platyurus

Whiskered Flying Squirrel / Petinomys genibarbis

Whiskered Flying Squirrel
Petinomys genibarbis

Gliding Mammals of the World provides, for the first time, a synthesis of all that is known about the biology of these intriguing mammals. It includes a brief description of each species, together with a distribution map and a beautiful full-color painting.

An introduction outlines the origins and biogeography of each group of gliding mammals and examines the incredible adaptations that allow them to launch themselves and glide from tree to tree.